Steve is returning to what he loves to do: Teach Tennis!

After several years teaching school it is time to again promote the game of tennis and help people of all ages, sizes, and abilities share the fun of the greatest game on earth. Come on, let's play!

10 & Under Tennis - Tennis is now KID SIZED to make learning and playing faster and easier!

Junior tennis rackets have been around for awhile but now they have HELP: bigger, softer, slower balls and smaller nets. These additions add a whole new success element for a lifetime of fun. Kids can hit the ball over the net in no time and play the game that has always been too big for them.

Let Anyone Can Play Tennis bring tennis to your kids - indoors or out - all year long.  Balls are foam and can be used in a variety of indoor settings; not just a gym.

Kids Love It!

Call Steve at 919-830-8472 to see how we can get your kids moving, learning, laughing, and having a ball!

NEW!!  Ask Steve: Go to the contact page and ask your tennis questions in the comment box.
I will answer all tennis related questions to the best of my ability. I am particularly good at offering solutions to playing issues, and if you give me a good idea what is or is not working I can usually give you a pretty accurate idea what is happening. Keep in mind that online answers cannot substitute for face to face analysis...but give it a try!

Does this sound like you?

  •   If you've tried tennis and not had success I can help you.
  •   If you have not had fun with tennis you have not had the right teacher.
  •   If you want a fun way to exercise and stay fit tennis is a great way to do it.
  •   If you have tennis elbow or other pains I can help with that too.
  •   If you want to learn to play competitively I can take you there.
  •   If your goal is to meet fun people and have tennis as a social vehicle it is a terrific avenue.

Fifty and Just Getting Started!

There is no better way to stay healthy and have fun than to play tennis. Whether you have played in the past or are just thinking of starting to play Steve understands and is a master at teaching and encouraging those just coming into the game. In fact, Steve understands so well he could be one of you ;)

USPTA Little Tennis

Steve was teaching the youngsters on smaller courts and with age appropriate equipment before it became fashionable. From Tennis Buddies to USPTA's Little Tennis, to Quickstart, the main thing is to get kids out having a blast and doing things they can do as their bodies grow and they are able to do more. People need to play tennis and starting the little ones early can lead to a lifetime of fun and fitness. Steve is a master working with the little guys and girls. Call to see how Steve can help your kids have a great time!

Soccer and Tennis - For the Girls

Something to consider: For those girls who may be thinking of continuing to play in college; soccer and tennis are wonderful complimentary sports. If you are planning to go to an NCAA Division I school on scholarship perhaps you just train for one sport, but in D-II and D-III very often the seasons are different and coaches do recruit multi-sport athletes...I have done it and know many coaches who look for those players. So, think of the possibilities for a two sport career and be in demand!